The Avengers 4 Trailer

At a special event in Los Angeles tonight, the Russo brothers still couldn’t be bother to reveal the title of the Avengers: Infinity War sequel. The film, set to arrive in theaters next spring, will be the 22nd in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we have zero inkling of what the title is or when… Read More »

Disney launching Star Wars Official YouTube channel for Kids

Parents can now introduce their younglings to a galaxy far, far away with G-rated content on a brand new Star Wars YouTube channel. A new Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures animated series is set to debut on Nov. 30 on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, Disney and Lucasfilm announced Wednesday. Additional episodes featuring fan-favorite… Read More »

New parasitic wasp that creates spider zombies

The species of spider, Anelosimus eximius, create elaborate bucket-like webs with thousands of its family members. It’s deemed a “social spider” because it cooperates with other spiders of its communal home in sharing hunting, parenting and feeding duties. That is, until a Zatypota parasitoid wasp lays an egg on its abdomen. Once the wasp’s deposited… Read More »

13 great TV shows you will see again in 2019

Game of Thrones Arya Stark on Game of Thrones We’ve known since early January that Game of Thrones’ final six episodes definitely wouldn’t be broadcast until 2019, and HBO president of programming Casey Bloys explained that it’s all about getting them right. “They take the time they need to do the show at its highest… Read More »

YouTube wants to remove doubled content from the platform

Many of us have encountered different content on YouTube, which simply appears to be collections of other videos and content taken from other sources. Some of these videos have managed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of views, and some are monetized, which seems a bit unfair to some creators who actually create their content. The… Read More »

Dragon Ball Arcs 2019 Air Date

The Dragon Ball franchise is currently at one of the most exciting junctures that it’s ever arrived at, with the past being put in order, while the future is opening wide for some exciting things to happen. The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie is about to arrive, and will be a game-changing chapter of the… Read More »

Male-robots are created to please women in bed

The male doll needs some ‘tricks’, which female robots do not need. Apparently, men have a newcomer to satisfy a woman in all respects. As a result of technological progress, robots can play an important role in the bedroom as well. Yes, you read it very well! Real Doll companies are fabricating male masculine dolls… Read More »