Apple shows the list of most popular applications for 2018

YouTube can now add “the most famous iPhone app for 2018” in the achievement list. Apple released their most downloaded 2018 listings and YouTube took first place, defeating Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. YouTube held 3rd place last year when Bitmoji and Snapchat entered # 1 and # 2 respectively. This year, Snapchat fell to third… Read More »

Instagram adds the “close friends” feature

The celebrity app added a new “close friends” feature that will allow you to post stories that are only visible to a select group of your followers. Instagram for the first time promoted this feature last year – originally dubbed “Favorite” in response to the popularity of secondary accounts, often secret, used to distribute content… Read More »

Windows 10 Lite

Windows Lite? Windows 10 SDK 18282 — Tero Alhonen (@teroalhonen) November 20, 2018 There is an unofficial ‘Windows 10 Lite’ edition, hosted on SourceForge, claiming to be free from Microsoft Spyware. It is NOT from Microsoft, and NOT supported by Microsoft. It would block all updates from Microsoft, as any update from Microsoft has… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Specs, Release Date and Price and a new Secret Galaxy S Device for 2019

THE GALAXY S10 looks set to be Samsung’s most interesting smartphone yet, with talk of 5G support, an in-display fingerprint scanner and a ludicrous quad-camera setup. And some rumours speculate that there could be as many as four Galaxy S10 models, including an ‘ultra-premium’ Plus-branded variant and a cut-price ‘budget’ version. We’ve rounded up everything… Read More »

Tips Before You Buy a Tablet or PC Slate 2018 – 2019

The Big Three When looking for the best tablet to buy, your decision pretty much rests on three factors: operating system, size and function. Depending on which of the three you consider more important, the rules for picking and choosing a tablet varies. Let’s take a closer look at each one to see where your… Read More »

Things You Must Know & Do Before Buying a Used Car

Define what you want and do your research. Before anything else, take some time to write down what you want from a car: How many people does it need to sit? Would you like it to be small or large? Are there certain features that you feel you can’t live without? Then research which cars… Read More »

Things to check before buying a new camera

Whether you’re buying a new camera online or in person, make sure to check these beforehand to avoid disappointment If you’re buying a new camera and parting with a substantial chunk of cash, you’ll want to know you’re getting exactly what you expect – and that you’re getting the best possible deal too. The first… Read More »