Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus OverHeats while Updating in July 2020

By | July 25, 2020

Why does my phone get hot? That is my question what was in the July update from the Samsung company that made my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus heat so much that i couldn’t touch it and it melted the adhesive from my Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus rear battery door case i could remove it from one side and see the inside. This never happened to me since i bought it and no the battery isn’t going bad since i charged it to the 100% after that and i didn’t have a problem with it check it with various hardware battery software from the Google PlayStore.

This is the update i received and installed
You can see how the adhesive melted and divided the glass battery door panel

I know sometimes it heats to a moderate heat when you do some gaming or recording a video but this was ridiculously hot to the point that i couldn’t hold it or touch it.

This is my personal phone that is a Samsung Galaxy S9 + or Plus the Exynos Europe version and i have bought it last year i never had an accident and i never do heavy 3D accelerated gaming just one simple strategic game and i rarely play it.

When i found out i removed the case and turned it off after the update since i didn’t want to stop the samsung official firmware update because i was afraid i would brick the phone if i turned it off manually in the middle of the update.

Also i like to add that there were no special apps or games on my phone that would create this incident everything happened during the update and in the end i left it turned off for 10 minutes and it cooled off and was normal working again.

I made this to warn others of the update and if they do the update turned it off to cool the phone.

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