Monthly Archives: July 2020

BloatBox for Windows 10 2020 Debloating Windows

In this article i will debloat windows 10 with a new windows 10 debloater called bloatbox. Even though this video is for educational purposes it is a very simple and easy way to do on your windows 10 laptop or desktop PC with the same hardware specifications that will make it snappier, faster and quicker… Read More »

How to Force Quit an Application or Game Using Command Prompt CMD or PowerShell on your Windows 10 PC – 2020 Guide

Have you ever got a stubborn application that wouldn’t exit or quit in any normal way or a virus and you couldn’t quit it in the normal ways with or without windows task manager on your laptop or desktop. Did you know that you have a task manager in Command Prompt CMD, PowerShell and Terminal… Read More »

10 Awesome Windows 10 Apps for July 2020 you should try

In this article i will show you 10 awesome new applications that you can download and install on your windows desktop or laptop PC. BloatBox: Bloatbox is an Open Source tool by a developer named Spydish. This will help you remove or uninstall or disable unnecessary and unwanted Windows 10 apps and functions in click… Read More »

How to FIX BOOTMGR is Missing on any Windows Guide

In this article i will show you how to fix a windows error when you boot your laptop or desktop and it shows a error like bootmgr is missing press ctrl+alt+del to restart instead of windows booting up after the bios menu and boot menu. This guide or tutorial will work on any windows 7,… Read More »