How to remove “This build of Windows will expire soon” Windows 10 Reminder from your PC in 2020 Guide

By | July 25, 2020

If you get this everytime windows boots up (laptop or desktop) up to the point that it gets annoying here is how to fix it or disable it or even remove it.

This build of Windows will expire soon Your build of Windows will expire on Month/Day/Year. You should move to a new build as soon as possible. Go online for more information.

This is how to fix it you just need to rename the licensingUI.exe file in the system32 folder on your windows system drive.

In the video i have explained not only how to change the name and by that disable that popup and enjoy your windows 10 pc without that annoying reminder but also show you how to take ownership and permission of the trustedinstaller in few easy steps.

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