PrimeOS Android for PC Dual-Boot with Windows Installation Guide for 2020

By | 2020-08-03

PrimeOS is a great Android for Laptop and Desktop PC alternative to PhoenixOS and Android X86.

I wanted to make a easy guide on how to dual boot windows and android OS and primeOS had a great way or solution on how to do it in few easy steps you just had to download the windows installer give it space at lease 16GB of free space is required to have on your main disk drive to work.

It will work best for PC’s that are from 2011 and up it also needs to have at least dual core or quad core CPU or processor also you will need a active internet connection, 2gb of ram or for best performace 4GB of ram or more also it will work with integrated intel graphics but if you want to game on it for best performance it is best if you have a dedicated graphics card from Nvidia or AMD.

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