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Enable live animated wallpapers for your Windows 8. 10 and 11 laptop or desktop computer 2022

This will be a very simple and easy guide on how to enable live wallpapers for your notebook computer that requires only a minute or two of your time since it’s directly downloaded for free in the official Microsoft windows application and game store the application is called Lively wallpaper metro it works very similar… Read More »

How to install WSL2 and Linux with Desktop Environment on the Windows Subsystem for Linux 2022 Guide

How to install Linux Ubuntu in a Windows Subsystem on your laptop or desktop PC in few easy steps. The link from the video. This simple guide will help you show how to install a Linux distro like for example Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Kali, Debian, Arch Linux, and more using the Windows Subsystem for Linux.… Read More »

How to install Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop PC

Soon to be launched from Microsoft the Windows 11 is already leaked as a pre beta version. In this video i will show you how to create a bootable USB with the help of a program called Rufus which you can download for free from Rufus.IE as a portable version and create a bootable USB… Read More »

Enable Virtualization Technology on Ryzen 2021 Guide

I am going to show you how to enable Virtualization Technology for AMD or Ryzen CPU’s for laptop and desktop PC’s. This is a great and much needed function for android emulators to work properly and if you want to run a virtual machine operating system on a Virtualbox or Hyper-V from within your Windows… Read More »

Disable the Windows 10 updates 2021 Guide

There are many ways to disable the latest version of the windows updates but in this video i am going to show you few simple steps on how to do it yourself without asking for help watch the video that only consists of few minutes of your time and it will guide you to the… Read More »