PrimeOS – best Android operating system on a USB stick for your laptop or desktop PC in 2021-2022

PrimeOS is an Android operating system powered by the Androidx86 project.On PrimeOS you can install all the different Android applications from the PlayStore similar to most Android devices like smartphones, Android Tablets, Smart TV Boxes and Smart TV’s with Android OS on them.PrimeOS combines Desktop and Android together with desktop features like the start menu,… Read More »

How to install and connect your BlueTooth On your Windows 10 PC with other devices like headphones, headset, earphones etc… in 2021

In this guide I will show you how easy it is to install and connect various bluetooth devices like bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth mouse or bluetooth speakers, even the fake Chinese that you buy from Wish or AliExpress in a few easy steps.The problem is always the Windows software and drivers that have to be installed… Read More »

HP Z220 CMT or Tower Workstation Hardware Upgrade 2021

In this topic i will show you how i upgraded the obsolete HP Z220 CMT Workstation and created a budget Gaming or Office Desktop PC out of it with few cheap upgrades that worked wonders for this PC. Since the Gaming GPU’s or Graphics card from Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon prices are sky high… Read More »

How to install Windows 11 on your laptop or desktop PC

Soon to be launched from Microsoft the Windows 11 is already leaked as a pre beta version. In this video i will show you how to create a bootable USB with the help of a program called Rufus which you can download for free from Rufus.IE as a portable version and create a bootable USB… Read More »