How to Force Quit an Application or Game Using Command Prompt CMD or PowerShell on your Windows 10 PC – 2020 Guide

By | July 27, 2020

Have you ever got a stubborn application that wouldn’t exit or quit in any normal way or a virus and you couldn’t quit it in the normal ways with or without windows task manager on your laptop or desktop.

Did you know that you have a task manager in Command Prompt CMD, PowerShell and Terminal as well that is what i am going to show you in this video in a simple and quick way on how to force quit a application software or video game or launcher with Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell and it will take you only a minute to learn on how successfully force quit the problematic application or game. I had this problem today that the google chrome browser would froze from a site which i will not name.

I know it’s very frustrating when an app game or site you are using suddenly stop or freezes the whole windows operating system on your computer and that is why i made this video today.

How to kill unresponsive program without the windows task manager.

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