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Nitrux 20.04 Linux OS How to Install in 2020 for Laptop and Desktop Guide

In this article i will show you how to install Nitrux LINUX OS 20.04 2020 operating system on your laptop or desktop computer in a very straightforward video which is going to be below this text. The requirements for this are your will need to download a iso file from and another windows application… Read More »

Manjaro 20 Linux OS 2020 is out and i will show you how to install it on your Laptop or Desktop PC

I will show you how to install Manjaro 20 in this straightforward video the latest version of Manjaro 20 2020 linux OS on your laptop or desktop computer. You will need to download the latest iso image from and after you will also need to download rufus portable application which you can find at… Read More »

Linux Lite 5 is out and i will show you How easy and simple it is to install on a Laptop or Desktop Computer 2020

In this article i will show you how to install Linux Lite 5.0 on your laptop or desktop computer. First you will need the original iso image from linux Lite official site which you can find below Next you will need a windows application called rufus which you can find at and a… Read More »

Manjaro 18.10 2019 Installation Guide

Manjaro 18.1 will be out soon here is how to install a step by step guide or tutorial showing you how easy it is to install one of the best free linux operating system although it’s great if you could donate to them since they work so hard. In this video i will show you… Read More »

UNDEFEATED PC Game Installation Guide 2019

The latest game for Windows PC that is free for 2019 is a game that was launched on the 1 August 2019. There are two obstacles on this Destruction Challenge and the Flight Challenge Game. All hoops in the Flight Challenge, reach your goal within the time limit and heighten your powers to become a… Read More »