The best way to control and mirror your Android from your Windows laptop or desktop PC with GUISCRCPY

By | 2022-08-13

Recently I found out an awesome new way on how to control my Samsung Galaxy Android Tablet and Android Phone with and the installation took me only a minute of my time.

First, I had to download two files which are SCRCPY and SCRCPY with GUI controls from the internet and they are both free next I had to enable USB debugging on my Android device and after that I created a new folder and renamed it to SCRCPY on my C disk drive and first extracted the SCRCPY the compressed downloaded file into that freshly created folder and next I installed the GUISCRCPY and first I had to select three files from the Scrcpy folder which are Scrcpy server, ADB and Scrcpy exe. and that is the whole installation or procedure. You can also watch my video to learn more.

Scrcpy is not an Android emulator, it displays and controls Android devices connected through USB to a Windows system or Linux laptop or desktop computer.

Thanks for your time I hope this was helpful to you and have a nice day.

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