Enable live animated wallpapers for your Windows 8. 10 and 11 laptop or desktop computer 2022

By | 2022-06-30

This will be a very simple and easy guide on how to enable live wallpapers for your notebook computer that requires only a minute or two of your time since it’s directly downloaded for free in the official Microsoft windows application and game store the application is called Lively wallpaper metro it works very similar to the famous application that you can buy on steam called Wallpaper Engine.

The steps are easy you search/download/install the lively wallpaper metro application from the store and launch it and you will already have a few animated wallpapers preinstalled into the official application you can go to the add wallpaper button and click on the more wallpapers and download from there countless video animated wallpapers for your PC free of charge and if you want more you can also add your custom made own video wallpapers that are in full HD 2k or 4k ultra HD resolutions in landscape and portrait because there is even an android application that you can install and run this live wallpapers.

Here is a straightforward video guide if you want and under there is the download link for the app.


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