BloatBox for Windows 10 2020 Debloating Windows

By | July 27, 2020

In this article i will debloat windows 10 with a new windows 10 debloater called bloatbox.

Even though this video is for educational purposes it is a very simple and easy way to do on your windows 10 laptop or desktop PC with the same hardware specifications that will make it snappier, faster and quicker running with few easy steps that won’t take even a minute of your time.

Bloatbox is displayed in a very simple but highly functional graphical interface that is divided into three easy to understand parts. The first part which is in the left column lists your Windows 10 app, the middle or the second part is the command area, and finally the third or the left is for your removal selections. Also additionally in the center column there is also an optional selection that allows you to download the PowerShell based community version Windows10Debloater.ps1 . This is an interactive script windows debloater from sycnex which will run the following functions:

Debloat (a list of Bloatware that is removed can be viewed on the authors GitHub repository)
Removes leftover registry keys associated with the bloatware apps
Protect privacy by stopping some telemetry functions, stops Cortana from being used as your Search Index, disables unnecessary scheduled tasks, and more
Stop-EdgePDF and many more preincluded windows 10 bloatware.

All in all, if you are looking for a straightforward but powerful way to remove all the bloatware or a specific Windows 10 app from your machine BloatBox is a great free debloater.

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