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PrimeOS – best Android operating system on a USB stick for your laptop or desktop PC in 2021-2022

PrimeOS is an Android operating system powered by the Androidx86 project.On PrimeOS you can install all the different Android applications from the PlayStore similar to most Android devices like smartphones, Android Tablets, Smart TV Boxes and Smart TV’s with Android OS on them.PrimeOS combines Desktop and Android together with desktop features like the start menu,… Read More »

Nitrux 20.04 Linux OS How to Install in 2020 for Laptop and Desktop Guide

In this article i will show you how to install Nitrux LINUX OS 20.04 2020 operating system on your laptop or desktop computer in a very straightforward video which is going to be below this text. The requirements for this are your will need to download a iso file from and another windows application… Read More »