Monthly Archives: April 2021

Enable Virtualization Technology on Ryzen 2021 Guide

I am going to show you how to enable Virtualization Technology for AMD or Ryzen CPU’s for laptop and desktop PC’s. This is a great and much needed function for android emulators to work properly and if you want to run a virtual machine operating system on a Virtualbox or Hyper-V from within your Windows… Read More »

Disable the Windows 10 updates 2021 Guide

There are many ways to disable the latest version of the windows updates but in this video i am going to show you few simple steps on how to do it yourself without asking for help watch the video that only consists of few minutes of your time and it will guide you to the… Read More »

Rick and Morty coming back on 20th of June 2021 for season 5

In the latest trailer published on YouTube it shows the new air date for the first episode of Rick & Morty season 5 for 2021. You can watch the new trailer below from the official Adult Swim YouTube channel: Thank you to the creators of Rick and Morty I just hope it will show the… Read More »