How to Setup or Configure Xiaomi Mi Wireless or WiFi Router Video Guide 2021

By | 2021-04-03

I just bought the a Mi Router 4A with dual band 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz wireless router for my house and it really is working stable for now and it was really easy to set it up I just had to plug in the Lan cable and power it on and configure it through opening a browser on my computer / PC / Mac you can do the same with your iPhone / iPad or Google Android smartphone or tablet you just need to connect to the wireless network first and after that you can also do it manually by going to and add a name and password for the new router and that is it you can watch the video which will be below.

you can also Mi WiFi application for Pc and Mobile Smartphone by scanning the code once it will ask for username and password and it will remember it forever.

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