Manjaro 20 Linux OS 2020 is out and i will show you how to install it on your Laptop or Desktop PC

By | 2020-04-27

I will show you how to install Manjaro 20 in this straightforward video the latest version of Manjaro 20 2020 linux OS on your laptop or desktop computer.

You will need to download the latest iso image from and after you will also need to download rufus portable application which you can find at the next thing you will need is a empty USB flash drive of 4GB in capacity or size.

There is also a great community forum which you can ask anything about the Manjaro operating system.

Manjaro Linux OS is one of the best free operating systems right now and if you have a windows xp, 7, 8 or windows 10 or a macOS and you want an alternative to try out this is the best choice right now for you and you can install it in few minutes of your time and it can run on a 10 year old laptop or desktop computer.

PC Laptop or Desktop Hardware Requirements:

Dual Core CPU or processor AMD/Intel 32/64 bit,

RAM: 1GB ram or higher,

HDD/SSD Storage: 32GB,

Screen Resolution: 1366×768 or higher,

MEDIA a DVD drive or USB port for the ISO image,

There is also a video guide i made on how to install Manjaro right now on your laptop or deskop PC there is a minimal and full version for 32 bit and 64 bit Computers.

There are XFCE, KDE Plasma ,Gnome and Architect Desktop Environment for you to choose from.

I hope this was helpful to you in anyway.

Thanks for reading and have a awesome day.

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