How to install Steam Operating System on your laptop or desktop PC in a few easy steps for 2021

By | July 17, 2021

Recently the Steam Deck was announced, and many of you want to buy it even though it is only a joystick mini PC with a 7-inch display. You have a fully capable laptop or desktop computer with similar specs or even higher nowadays, so why not build your own Steam OS PC?

In this video I am going to be guiding you through the installing of the Steam Gaming Operating System on your laptop or desktop computer. For this installation, you will require: A SteamOS Installer image file which you can find the link below.

An empty USB flash drive and an active internet connection. Please watch the video to the end before you start with the process of installing it to your PC.

I have installed this as a test on my PC ACER ASPIRE V5 531 which has 100 GB SSD, 4GB of ram and an Intel Celeron processor with Intel integrated graphics.

I know this is not a gaming computer, but it was meant as a guiding video for you.

Thanks for reading this article and watching the video guide below.

Here is the video guide:

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