PrimeOS 2.0 with Android 11 for laptop and desktop (How to Install) 2022

By | 2022-02-15

I am going try out the latest version of PrimeOS version 2.0 based on Google Android 11 this is the beta version so you might get some errors while testing it out even though i didn’t.

For this you will need an empty USB flash drive a PrimeOS iso file which I will download from PrimeOS.IN a portable application called Rufus which I can download from Rufus.IE and a capable desktop or laptop computer with an active internet connection on Wireless or Lan ethernet.

I really like this Android operating system for PC and see a very bright future and looking forward to see even more for this version.

Even though you can try out this version Android for PC directly from the USB flash drive (USB 3.00 recommended for better speed) as a live operating system i did it by installing directly to my disk drive and was surprised how well it worked with games and software.

I really wanted to see many different Android for computers to get updated like RemixOS but this new PrimeOS 2 sparks joy.

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