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Samsung Glap Gaming Pad

Samsung recently launched a gaming pad joystick called the Samsung Glap Gaming Pad and it already is purchasable in US and UK for around 100 Euro’s and it was created for Samsung according to the company’s strict specifications. One of the best features of the gamepad is that it can slide open to accommodate for… Read More »

WEBOS v5 on your PC Installation for 2020

If you wanted to try out the free open source LG TV operating system on your PC than you are in luck you just need to have a Windows laptop or desktop PC and you need to install VirtualBox from Oracle which is very easy to do and in this video there is a complete… Read More »

Gallium OS Alternative to Chrome OS or Chromium OS

I recently found out about this great linux operating system called Gallium OS and installed it on my laptop computer and since then i have really started to love it from day one it simply is a great alternative to the one of the most famous operating system from this decade google chrome OS. If… Read More »

Windows 12 Lite IS FAKE!

I found out about a new operating windows system online and it was a scam the images on that site are fake and some people as trying to scam. The site is showing how a linux lite 4.8 operating system to look like windows 10 or 12 lite version that will run 3 times faster… Read More »

Ubuntu 20.04 Download, Installation, Preview 2020

I recently found out that Ubuntu 20.04 is out and i had to download and install it to try it out so my first thought was maybe somebody else wants to try it out so i will post the links download for both files the Ubuntu 20.04 and rufus portable app for windows and you… Read More »

Android 9 for Laptop and Desktop Computers 2020 Installation Guide

In this article i will like to announce the latest version of android for laptop and desktop PC’s which is android 9 pie and the people to thank are the great people at android x86 and here is the official link to that site. This is the first release candidate for Android-x86 9.0 (pie-x86).… Read More »