PrimeOS – best Android operating system on a USB stick for your laptop or desktop PC in 2021-2022

By | 2021-10-30

PrimeOS is an Android operating system powered by the Androidx86 project.
On PrimeOS you can install all the different Android applications from the PlayStore similar to most Android devices like smartphones, Android Tablets, Smart TV Boxes and Smart TV’s with Android OS on them.
PrimeOS combines Desktop and Android together with desktop features like the start menu, taskbar, action center etc.
It gives a desktop experience similar to MacOS and Windows, so it is a familiar alternative.
Similar to Android, PrimeOS displays notifications through the notification center which appears after clicking the icon in the bottom right corner of the taskbar. PrimeOS also has multiple windows and multitasking support, it can also maximize, minimize, resize and close apps and games.
What I like about PrimeOS is that it is very smooth and fast, even on a USB flash drive, and it is able to create a bootable live USB or Installer.
With the Auto-Install capability, you can install it on your laptop or Desktop Computer in less than a minute.
There is a video on how to create a bootable USB with PrimeOS on it and a quick test as a preview of how it works.
I would like to suggest to everybody who is reading this to try it out as a live operating system running from the USB.

PrimeOS works offline and online just like a phone or tablet does, and it can be installed on various new and very old devices, including, including PC machines.
It can run on a single CPU core and 1GB of ram, but I would advise you, and it recommended running it on 2 cores CPU and 2GB of ram.

There are three versions of the operating system:
Mainline for 64 bits for newer computers with UEFI systems
Standard 64 bits for newer and old systems that have MBR for Legacy and UEFI for GPT computers.
Classic 32 bits for older systems that are over 10 years or older.

There are also executables PrimeOS installers which can be installed directly on top of Windows.
I am actually looking forward to the new release with Android 11 since this one is 7.1 right now.

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