Install Android 12 emulator on your Windows Laptop or Desktop PC in few simple steps 2021

By | April 24, 2021

If you want to test out the latest Android 12 and you don’t have android device supporting the latest beta or stable version which is going to get released soon now you can simply download and install it like in the video

The Google Android studio got updated with Android S Emulator for Windows Desktop and Laptop PC so maybe some of you may want to know how to install it on your laptop or desktop computer. There is also Google Play Store in this emulator so you can try out apps and games. I am doing this on my PC which has a AMD Ryzen CPU but it works on Intel Computers too but only on 64 bit x64. If you want to try out and test out the Android 12 and you don’t have a smartphone you can do it on your computer. The official link which I used for myself is down below.‚Äč

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