How to create a simple website in 2021 for absolutely free hosting and domain

By | 2021-04-24

It is getting really easy to get a cheap domain and hosting but most of us are looking or searching for a free domain and hosting now there is a simple way to do that with just click on the free button and follow the video which is below for me it only took 2 minutes of my time and i had a simple WordPress site finished but of course if you want to a more professional you need to select your theme and add some of your logo’s to look how you want and it is all free on WordPress you can have plugins, theme’s designs you ask and you can find it though for plugins please look for the trusted one’s because if you don’t you can crash your whole site or the script and there won’t be a way to recover.

This is nice if you have a school project or you want to create a online C.V. or for business purposes or for testing purposes etc… I will guide you through this simple and easy tutorial and show you that it is possible to create a website for free on your own without any professional help.

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