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Huawei SmartPhone full screen but without the ugly notch

Huawei patents a full screen smartphone design with a narrow slot. The phone has no notch, the front camera is invisible. The rear contains a dual camera and a fingerprint scanner in the center. Could this be next year’s Mate 30 Lite? Last month it became clear that several smartphone manufacturers are developing a full… Read More »

The folding phone from OPPO is launched at MWC 2019

According to a recent report from the Netherlands, OPPO is preparing a folding phone for the end of February next year. As the MWC 2019 happens at that time, we can already prepare for a special event to be held at the Barcelona conference. The information published on the Dutch site is rumored to be… Read More »

These are the long-awaited images of Sony PlayStation 5

A selection of new PlayStation 5 images has appeared online, and they make Sony’s next-generation console seem desirable. Sony is not an unknown name when it comes to producing stylish consoles, but the system presented here is a serious step. The PS5 seems to be slimmer than its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 Slim. According to… Read More »

The iPhone XR, Apple’s best-selling phone this year

With Apple’s announcement that they will not share more detail than the iPhone has been sold, this has led many people to know how the company’s new iPhones are being sold. This was one of the concerns about the iPhone XR, which was suggested not to be sold as Apple had hoped. However, this may… Read More »