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Samsung Glap Gaming Pad

Samsung recently launched a gaming pad joystick called the Samsung Glap Gaming Pad and it already is purchasable in US and UK for around 100 Euro’s and it was created for Samsung according to the company’s strict specifications. One of the best features of the gamepad is that it can slide open to accommodate for… Read More »

Android 9 for Laptop and Desktop Computers 2020 Installation Guide

In this article i will like to announce the latest version of android for laptop and desktop PC’s which is android 9 pie and the people to thank are the great people at android x86 and here is the official link to that site. This is the first release candidate for Android-x86 9.0 (pie-x86).… Read More »

Best online AntiVirus and AntiMalware for 2020 Scanning Software for Windows OS Laptop or Desktop Computers

I just found a up to date online scanning antivirus and antimalware free software application for windows operating systems and i want to share it with you what is good about this software it is that is up to date with most recent malware and viruses around the globe for the windows operating system and… Read More »

KINGDIAN SSD low budget SSD’S option for 2019 – 2020

Recently i have been testing and buying various budget ssd’s which are under than $20 for my laptops which are hp and replace the hard disk drives with cheap chinese budget ssd’s and see the results the last time i have tested out a fujitsu ssd which was $16 Now i am testing the kingdian… Read More »