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Why CloudReady is better than the official Chrome OS from Google

In this article i will show you one major thing that cloudready operating system a clone of a operating from Google’s own Chrome OS is better (hint it doesn’t have expiration date and you can install it on any old or new laptop or desktop computer for absolutely free). The official Chromebook that has the… Read More »


Chrome OS / CloudReady How to Install on Laptop and Desktop PC Complete Guide In this article i will show you how to install Chrome OS from NeverWare called CloudReady for Laptop and Desktop Computers. In this i will also include how to download cloudready chrome operating system from neverware after how to create a… Read More »

DIABLO 3 not Starting On WINDOWS 10

If you have recently installed a fresh copy of diablo 3 on your Windows PC and it freezes your whole windows laptop or desktop computer i got a way to fix that issue actually i have two ways to fix that problem or error. The first one is by running the blizzard launcher or… Read More »

Ubuntu 19.10 all new flavours installation guides 2019

In this article i will show you how to install all new flavours of the linux ubuntu 19.10. The first one is the original ubuntu 19.10 defualt version installation guide. In this video i will show you how to install the latest version and the last version for this year 19.10 of Ubuntu operating system.… Read More »

How to test out your old used or new Android device in 2019 guide

First of all lately i have been struggling to find out which is genuine since the clones are getting a lot better lately so to check well first you can try the antutu benchmark which you can get for free on google playstore. Antutu Benchmark is available for free on both Android and iOS,… Read More »

Kaspersky Total Security Free Activation Guide 2019

Well in this article i found a way on how to install and activate the latest version of kaspersky total security which includes a lot of stuff like antivirus, internet security etc… By installing the trial version of installing kasperksy total security you get a 30 days of free services which include updates for your… Read More »