Why CloudReady is better than the official Chrome OS from Google

By | November 11, 2019

In this article i will show you one major thing that cloudready operating system a clone of a operating from Google’s own Chrome OS is better (hint it doesn’t have expiration date and you can install it on any old or new laptop or desktop computer for absolutely free).

The official Chromebook that has the official Chromium OS or Chrome OS is limited that it has a limited updates for 2-3 years but if you have installed an unnofficial build from neverware cloudready chrome os alternative it’s it let’s you install on any old laptop or desktop intel PC and it is not limited to updates for later on you just have to install it via a usb flash drive sometimes whenever you want just download for later and the minimum requirements for this operating system to work can be a old intel dual core with 2gb of ram mobile laptop or desktop cpu with integrated graphics which can start from 128mb and it’s very stable and fast to work with.

Here in this video you can see how easy it is to install it on your old budget laptop (netboot/notebook) or desktop computer from 10 years ago.

The only requiremt is a internet connection a desktop or laptop with a intel cpu and of course a usb flash drive with 8gb of free space.

You can either run a live version from a usb or install it on your ssd or hard disk drive.

You can watch the tutorial on how to install it. and the link to the official download site is at the end of the page under the video guide.


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