Most Cheapest and Best Budget SSD you can BUY 2019 – 2020

By | 2019-11-11

I have found a very speedy ssd for a very low price of $15 online you can buy it’s a fujitsu 120GB i purchased it for a friend of mine who only need for writing and you can find a bigger sized fujitsu ssd with 240GB for $22. the speeds are crazy good and i like the brand FUJITSU a lot so why not i bought it and tested it out on his HP laptop and it made the laptop 10 times faster than it was with his 1TB mechanical hard disk drive.

I installed windows 10 and i tested it out the speeds were 550 read and 500 write that amazed me with crystaldisk mark.

Unboxing and overviewing a Fujitsu 120 GB SSD model f500s this is a budget ssd so i will also benchmark it with crystal disk mark.

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