DIABLO 3 not Starting On WINDOWS 10

By | 2019-10-30

If you have recently installed a fresh copy of diablo 3 on your Windows PC and it freezes your whole windows laptop or desktop computer i got a way to fix that issue actually i have two ways to fix that problem or error.

The first one is by running the blizzard launcher or battle.net launcher and going to the game settings or options and changing the launcher to start from 32 bit instead of 64 bit.

The next option is to update your graphics card or GPU to the latest drivers or watch the step by step video guide to show you how it’s done.

Diablo 3 is a game from blizzard entertainment that i have been struggling to fix the issue when i start the game it wouldn’t launch and break my windows operating system on my PC without showing me any error code or sign so i have finally fixed it so i wanted to show the video guide on how you can do it yourself.
I really thought it was my graphics card on my desktop PC that was giving me the trouble but i found out that it was game launcher from battle net that i had to change the settings for the diablo 3 game it was a easy fix and i was Successful at it to my luck.

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