How to create a Windows 10 Bootable USB for Legacy MBR old Laptops and Desktop Computers 2019-2020

By | October 29, 2019

In this article i will show you how to create a MBR or Legacy bootable USB Microsoft Windows 10 or 8/8.1 for older Laptops and Desktop PC’s.

How to convert Microsoft Windows 10 UEFI or EFI GPT to windows 10 Legacy MBR HDD or SSD Drives. For this video you will need a windows 10 ISO image download tool. and a free application called Rufus Portable. also a empty USB flash drive of 8gb of minimum space.

How to create a bootable Microsoft Windows 10 USB for old laptops and desktop computers that don’t support uefi / efi and security boot or with older bios well in the video below i will show you just that, it’s a step by step tutorial or guide in English showing you how to create a small bootable flash drive USB into a legacy for old computers.

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