LG 42LH300 How to Fix or Repair the LCD SCREEN not Working Properly

By | July 23, 2019

The frustrating part is when your Philips LG 42LH300 tv shows lines or only half the screen with different colors.

LG 42LH300 Display Not Working with lines.

I found out that it was problem with the connection on the ribbon cable that connects from graphics card to the lcd display the most difficult part is to dissasamble Philips LG 42LH300 the lcd tv you have to be really careful not to break the lcd display or the boards inside.

LG 42LH300 Display Disassembly
LG 42LH300 Display ribbon cable fix

But i have a video from my friend which he showed me a step by step guide or tutorial on how to repair the Philips LG 42LH300 if it has problems with the connection.

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