ArcoLinux Easy Step by Step Installation Guide 2019

By | 2019-07-23

It’s crazy how simple it easy to install arco linux operating system in 2019 even a child with a usb and a laptop can install it in less than one hour time.

Why you should install arco linux ? this is a free operating alternative to the famous Microsoft Windows 7 operating system which microsoft will end support in the first half of the 2020 so it’s time to abandon ship and for me the best choice is the this free alternative which is very easy to learn and it has all the basic features and a lot more.

In this video tutorial you will need a computer that has the minimum specifications of a dual core and threaded processor with integrated graphics from amd or intel or amd and a minimum of 2gb of ram.

You will also need a empty usb flash drive and a free software called rufus and a internet connection for downloading the iso image file which you will create a bootable usb to setup arcolinux in the video you will see how simple it can be.

But remember this is a clean install and everything will be deleted so do a backup of your important files on the cloud or on another drive.

Here is the url to download the iso image:

Here is the url to download rufus free app:

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