Gallium OS Alternative to Chrome OS or Chromium OS

By | March 1, 2020

I recently found out about this great linux operating system called Gallium OS and installed it on my laptop computer and since then i have really started to love it from day one it simply is a great alternative to the one of the most famous operating system from this decade google chrome OS.

If your Desktop or Laptop computer supports 32 bit and 64 bit architecture than you can install this OS even if you have a chromebook and want to try out something different you should really try the gallium OS operating system which is great for surfing and work.

Here is a video on how to install it on your PC that will take you around 30 minutes to completely install and enjoy your old budget computer from 15 years ago.

It will work on old laptop or desktop PC with requirements of a dualcore and 2gb or more ram and integrated or dedicated graphics card.


You will also need a USB flash drive to create a bootable installer USB out of it with a gallium live operating system and setup so you can isntall on your PC.

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