Ubuntu 20.04 Download, Installation, Preview 2020

By | February 2, 2020

I recently found out that Ubuntu 20.04 is out and i had to download and install it to try it out so my first thought was maybe somebody else wants to try it out so i will post the links download for both files the Ubuntu 20.04 and rufus portable app for windows and you will also need a empty USB flash drive of minimum 4gb of capacity or size.



So it’s really easy to download and create a bootable USB flash drive it won’t take even a few minutes of your time.

You can watch the complete easy video video guide on how to do it.

You can try it out even without installing it’s full bootable live operating system with the bootable usb flash drive and if you like it you can always install it on your hard disk drive or solid state drive as main or dual boot operating system.

So in my opinion this is a great new alternative on the windows 7 operating system and it is absolutely free so why not try it out.

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