Zorin OS 15 Lite Complete Easy Installation Guide for Laptop and Desktop Computers

By | November 27, 2019

I will show you how to install a linux operating system called zorin os lite which is going to be a great free alternative for windows 7 or chrome OS and this might be one of the best operating system for students and it very lite and lag free it has it’s own app or game store and has all you need for going online and also it’s great linux gaming os.
For me i like the simple design and the speed is amazing i will install this on my 10 year old Desktop computer which is collecting dust.
The requirements for this operating system to work well are:
a dual core cpu or higher
2gb of ram or higher
integrated GPU or any dedicated GPU
HDD or SSD storage of 32gb or higher

The officail links are below:
rufus link:
zorin os 15 lite official link:
you will also need a usb flash drive of 4gb empty space or storage size.

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