By | November 5, 2019

Chrome OS / CloudReady How to Install on Laptop and Desktop PC Complete Guide

In this article i will show you how to install Chrome OS from NeverWare called CloudReady for Laptop and Desktop Computers.

In this i will also include how to download cloudready chrome operating system from neverware after how to create a bootable chrome os usb live operating system after i will show you how to install chrome os from a bootable usb on a test acer laptop computer just for this video complete guide but i want to include this will work on any Desktop or Laptop (Notebook/Netbook) Computer or PC.
This is a complete guide from start to finish on how to install Chrome OS on your computers HDD or SSD.

Requirements: a empty USB of minimum 8GB of space.

Official Link:

This is a great operating system for students that need to write and read and that need to be online.
And this works great on old budget computers with old hardware laptops or desktops.
This will work with 2gb of ram and a dual threaded CPU with integrated graphics card or GPU with hard disk space of 32gb of free space. the only thing you will need is a internet connection.

This was a tutorial on how to build a chromebook PC from your old laptop or desktop computer with cloudready os from neverware on your own easy and quick.

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