2 of the best and cheapest Phone and Tablet Stands that you can buy at Aliexpress

By | October 22, 2019

One of these i made a review today and it is a great phone stand that is around 17 US Dollars or 16 Euros on aliexpress it’s a 360 phone stand or holder that you can atach it to your desk or table.

This one will work for either android device like samsung nokia sony phones and even apple devices like the iphone and ipad.

The link where i got this from:


The other one is the cheaper one of the two and it’s really simple to work with it’s a SHOOT Mini Portable Tripod Stand for android or iphone and it can also work for GoPro’s

The price of this gadget holder is 3.5 US dollars or 3 Euros.


These two phone stand are really sturdy and flexible a pretty cheap i tried both of them and it makes recording with my phone really easy.

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