Two of the Best FREE Live Animated Desktop Wallpapers Engines for Windows in 2019

By | August 12, 2019

I was recently looking for a free Live Animated Desktop Wallpapers Engine and i instead i found 2 of them that are free and not like steam wallpaper engine thats costs $USD

These two are rePaper which you can get on GitHub

from this link and i will show you how to setup in step by step guide or tutorial video.

Repaper Installation Guide in English

The other one is DesktopHut which you can download for free from here:

DesktopHut Live Wallpaper Engine for Windows


  • Video file as wallpaper support (Hardware Accelerated Playback optional)
  • Most of the processing is done via gpu shaders, low cpu usage.
  • Weather effect appearance is customisable:- raindrop size, speed, blur intensity etc.
  • Openweathermap API used to gather weather information.
  • Real-time day/night cycle based on sunrise-sunset time.
  • rePaper will pause when running fullscreen application or games (~0% cpu & gpu usage; main execution thread is stopped, background thread used for monitoring).
  • rePaper will pause when application focus change (optional).
  • Application rule: Set specific rePaper sleep rules based on running application.
  • Ultrawide resolution support, multimonitor systems partially supported.
  • Toggle windows 10 Light/Darkmode automatically based on time (optional).
  • Automatically detect clock, text color based on wallpaper (picture wallpaper only).
  • Your areas weather might not always be exciting, all the weather effects are user selectable.
  • Customizable – adjustable performance settings (fps, blur quality) , custom UI color, different clock styles & more.
  • Appears behind desktop icons.
  • Brightness change based on time of day & weather – less bright when clowdy, raining.
  • Can be used alongside Rainmeter.
  • Additional 4 weather presets for user customisation, turn it into radioactive wasteland, extreme rain..etc
  • Runs at system startup (optional).

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