SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D White Screen or Very Bright White Display

By | 2019-07-26

As you can see in the image the display is showing but it has a white gray problem of not showing the colors correctly.

SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D white display error.

To fix this problem first you need to open the SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D lcd tv so unscrew from behind.

SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D back of the lcd tv

The problem was in a t-con board that fail so you need to remove some extra screws to get to thim after you have have removed the back of the tv.

SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D t-con board

Now remve carefully the cables that are connected to the t-con board and unscrew it so you can see where the problem is.

SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D t-con board cables
AS15-U INSIDE SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D t-con board

The chip AS15-U INSIDE SAMSUNG LE46B679T2D t-con board needs to be replaced with a new one.

Replacing AS15-U

After that put everything back and your tv should be working.

Check this complete video to see how to guide you through the whole process of dissasambly to replacing the chip AS15-U on the t-con board.

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