Parrot Linux OS 2019 Full Installation Guide and Download Link

By | March 5, 2019

In the tutorial i will show you how to install Parrot OS.

What is Parrot:
Parrot is a GNU Linux distribution based on Debian platform and focused on Various Penetration Testing, Digital Forensics, Programming and Privacy protection.

Parrot Security OS (or ParrotSec) is a GNU/LINUX distribution based on Debian.

This was built in order to perform various penetration tests (computer security), Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation, Computer Forensics and Anonymous Surfing. It has been developed by Frozenbox’s Team.

Parrot Home is a special edition of Parrot designed for daily use, and it targets regular users who need a lightweight, always updated and beautiful system on their laptops or workstations.

The OS can also be used as a starting point to build a very customized pen-testing platform with only the tools you will need.

or go to this link to check for the latest official software

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