Microsoft Office 2019 will only support Microsoft Windows 10

By | February 3, 2018

Microsoft dropped some details about Office 2019, the most relevant of which is that you’ll only be able to use it with Windows 10.

For everyone who loves the latest version of the operating system, there are many vocal critics who refuse to update from an older version.

Those users have two ways of getting access to Microsoft Office, the web apps aside: by buying the suite or by subscribing to Office 365.
Once Office 2019 rolls out, all users who haven’t and refuse to upgrade to Windows 10 will need to gravitate to Office 365, stick with an older iteration of the company’s office suite, or use the Office Web Apps.

The Windows 10 support restriction only applies to the Windows OS — Mac users don’t need to worry. Microsoft Office 2019 is scheduled to launch in the latter half of this year, bringing with it the apps we’re all familiar with including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

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