Top 3 Best Upcoming Tablets of 2018

By | December 9, 2017

Galaxy X folding Tablet from Samsung
Sources claim that Samsung is developing a folding display with a 1.0R curvature, meaning it can be folded fully over onto itself like a piece of paper. What kind of design the Galaxy X may have is unclear, though.
Industry sources speaking to Business Korea say Samsung may launch the phone tablet in 2018, a claim that seems substantiated via Samsung’s own statement a few months back that it is aiming to launch a folding phone next year.

The render shows a concept design of what the Galaxy X may look like; where Business Korea got the render from is unclear.

More at the moment we do not know. Above all as regards the technical characteristics of the device, if not precisely that it will have a flexible screen.

Apple iPad X Pro

The 2018 iPad Pro lineup is said to boast quite a few changes, taking design lessons from the recently launched iPhone X.

We’ve already heard in a separate report earlier this year that next year’s iPad Pro would feature the TrueDepth camera system that’s present in the iPhone X.

We have at least one vision of what an iPad Pro with minimized bezels would look like.

The side bezels look like what Apple has already implemented on the current 10.5- and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, with the top and bottom bezels getting the biggest reductions.

Lenovo Folio 2018 Tablet

Lenovo’s Folio is a foldable display made into a sort of tablet/smartphone. When you need a slightly smaller display, it’s a phone.

When you need to look at bigger kitty videos, you fold it out to a larger size.

The Lenovo Folio instead will have the size of a tablet but can be folded to “turn” into a comfortable smartphone with dual screen.

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