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Top 5 Best Upcoming Smartwatches in 2018

Best upcoming smartwatches from various companies. Some most major smartphone makers have already launched their smartwatches in the markets, they are now willing to upgrade the variants. Have a look at the smartwatches below which are expected to launch in 2018. Apple Watch 4 Apple will also present Apple Watch 4 in the upcoming year… Read More »

Top 3 Best Upcoming Tablets of 2018

Galaxy X folding Tablet from Samsung Sources claim that Samsung is developing a folding display with a 1.0R curvature, meaning it can be folded fully over onto itself like a piece of paper. What kind of design the Galaxy X may have is unclear, though. Industry sources speaking to Business Korea say Samsung may launch… Read More »

Huawei P11 2018 New Leaks Specs, Release Date and more

The Huawei P11 could come with an unprecedented camera setup. In a tweet, which you can see below, it was suggested that the next device in Huawei’s P series could house a triple-lens, 40 MP rear camera setup with 5x hybrid zoom and a 24 MP selfie camera. The new design of the upcoming Huawei… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9 mini 2018 Rumors Roundup

Samsung will reportedly release not two, but three new all-screen Galaxy S9 models The Korean electronics giant Samsung is working on the mini Galaxy S9 variation and the display of the innovation will be curved edges and assigned to the flagship line with high end specs. According to the rumors gathered by some insiders to… Read More »

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy a OLED TV

Two problems facing mainstream OLED production are the relative lifespan of the “blue” pixel, and a relatively low yield. Compared to the red and green pixels, the blue pixel is much less efficient. For a technology that is expensive it needs to tested and proven. Both LG and Samsung OLED TVs come with a 12… Read More »